group Chapter Leadership


JohnPaul Pascale


A resident of sunny Southern California, JohnPaul Pascale is an eighteen-year-old senior and longtime homeschooler. Among other activities, he particularly enjoys spikeball, table tennis, piano, reading, writing, public speaking, and spending time with his family. He is an avid lover of learning and is immensely excited for the academic year which lies ahead of him. More than this, he feels both blessed and humbled to be able to serve his chapter of the NHS in the capacity of president. With an incredible group of officers and GSP leaders, he trusts that with the help of Mary and Her Son, this year will be extraordinary. But more than anything that can be achieved on earth, he hopes that this chapter, embodying the four pillars of the NHS -  scholarship, leadership, character, service – will, at the end of the year, truly find itself closer to the end goal of Heaven. He encourages you to pray for him and the chapter as he seeks to pursue this goal.

Anna Schlater

Vice President

Anna is a seventeen year old senior from Johnstown Ohio and excited to serve as the NHS Vice President! She is the second oldest of ten children and loves making memories with her crazy family. On any given day, the Schlaters can be found working on some project, riding anything with wheels, or off on some adventure. Aside from family time, Anna enjoys photography, skiing, tubing+boating, traveling, studying, singing, coffee shops, and spending time with friends. However, she's truly the happiest in mass or adoration. Her prayer for this chapter is that each and every member would become the person God created them to be and embrace the mission that the Lord has given them, pursuing excellence in each of these callings. She looks forward to what this year has in store and is honored to serve this community.

Olivia Schlater


Olivia Schlater is a 17 year old senior who is excited and honored to be serving as the Secretary for the National Honors Society. She is the oldest of ten children and this is her twelfth year with MODG. Olivia enjoys photography, piano, reading, baking, skiing, outdoor activities, graphic design, traveling, and hanging out with friends. When not on the family farm, she can be found in front of the Blessed Sacrament, studying at the local coffee shop, and around town with friends. She is honored to be working alongside JohnPaul and Anna to help lead the National Honors Society to great places this upcoming year!

Chris Sebastian

Chapter Advisor

Christopher Sebastian is the Chapter Advisor for the Pope Leo XIII Chapter of the NHS, founding the chapter in 2014. Mr. Sebastian is the father of three children, and two of them are enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace School. He has taught for MODG since 2010. From being an MODG graduate himself to now being Director of Advancement, Mr. Sebastian has a strong background in classical education and promoting the values of MODG. He is also passionate about strategies for growth in every area of life, and promotes the 4 Pillars of the NHS as a superb way for our members to serve Our Lord and those around them.

Group Service Project Leaders

Frederic Riaza

Math Tutoring Leader

Frederic Riaza is a 18 year old senior from Southern California. He loves to serve the Holy Mass and enjoys thorough discussions concerning theology and philosophy. He has a wide range of hobbies anywhere from painting and restoring religious statues all the way to exploring caves, backpacking, and photography. His little brother likes to join in such activities with him bringing more joy to the occasion. He is quite excited to be the leader for Math tutoring and is looking forward to helping others grow in all areas of the subject as well as the faith.

Mimi Puschmann

Latin Tutoring Leader

Mary "Mimi" Puschmann is a 17 year old from Fairfax Virginia. She is excited to be the head of the Latin Tutoring GSP this year, as she saw how excellent the tutoring NHS provides is for the younger generations of MODG. She thoroughly enjoys learning (and simply learning about!) new languages and often picks up a new one just for fun. Mimi is the second of five children and her hobbies include reading, drawing, playing her guitar, and Tae Kwon Do. She is confident the 2023-2024 school year will be a great one, and is eager to welcome the next generation of the NHS (especially the tutors she will have the honor of leading).

Lonán Mooney

Grammar & Science Tutoring Leader

Lonán Mooney has been a student of MODG since the 8th grade and is the middle of five children, who you'll find calling in from the rolling hills of the (sometimes) sunny  Donegal, Ireland. She enjoys many more pastimes and hobbies than not, including dancing, playing the piano, practising art, baking, reading, writing, studying history from fashions to great leaders, and experiencing God’s Creation in daily life. She struggles to choose a favorite book, as it is similar to 'choosing a favorite star' but classics, great spiritual works, and poetry are among her favorites. She feels entirely blessed to be given the opportunity to serve the NHS and the amazing MODG community before she makes her departure, and prays for all her classmates as they navigate this year!

"Pure love... knows that only one thing is needed to please God: to do even the smallest things out of great love-love, and always love." - St. Faustina

Thomas Lopez

Book Recording Leader

Thomas is 17 years old and hails from Southern California. He is the oldest of five brothers and a dog. Thomas's biggest passion is birdwatching, which he does as much as he can, but he also enjoys reading, writing, and philosophy. He is grateful and excited to serve the National Honor Society this year as Book Recording GSP Leader.

Olivia Pasquale

Book Recording Co-Leader

Olivia is a 17 year old senior from Connecticut and is the oldest of five siblings.  She has been described as a "Grandma" by her 7 year old sister as she loves to crochet, knit, and sew.  She especially loves to make clothes.  Olivia is very excited to serve MODG and the NHS as the Book Recording Co-Leader! 

Trevor Keilen

Website Leader

Trevor Keilen is a 17-year-old senior from southeast Michigan. Now in his second year in the NHS, he feels privileged to serve as the Website GSP leader. He is excited to lead the GSP to new heights and effectuate lasting and impactful changes within the chapter. He has two brothers and enjoys, among other things, playing competitive golf, reading, dabbling in web development, fishing, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. As leader of the Website GSP, he is looking forward to improving and supporting the chapter with his fellow leaders and officers.

Claire Zeleny

Newsletter Leader

Claire Zeleny is thrilled to be leading the Newsletter GSP this year. Claire is a senior, 17 going on 18, oldest of four kids (oldest kid supremacy!), bibliophile, Little Flower of ten years, certified nursing aide, and theater kid with over 20 productions under her belt. When not doing school, Claire can be found playing Mozart or Vivaldi on the violin, at an orchestra rehearsal, or hanging out with friends. This year marks ten years of homeschooling for the Zeleny family with Mother of Divine Grace. Following highschool, Claire hopes to pursue a career in nursing. An exciting year for the newsletter is ahead, so be on the lookout for fun activities and articles. Ad Majorem Gloriam Dei!

Katie Lynch

Newsletter Co-Leader

Katie Lynch is a senior this year with MODG and comes from a farm in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania!  Katie is the fifth of seven children and when she is not hanging out with her siblings you can find her swimming, embroidering, or working on her small, women’s clothing business, Rewind Fashions. She is one of the leaders of the Newsletter GSP and is looking forward to another great year with the NHS!

Special Project Coordinators

Faustina Cusmano

Ora Pro Nobis Coordinator

Faustina Marie Cusmano is an eighteen year old senior from Chester County, Pennsylvania, and is very excited to co-lead the Ora Pro Nobis GSP this upcoming school year in the National Honors Society of MODG! She is the second youngest of five, and enjoys spending her time with family and friends, going to adoration, walking, listening and playing music, drawing, and learning more about history. Being raised in the Catholic faith, she is looking forward to bringing students together in prayer and fellowship. As she is entering her final high school year, she is very grateful for all the opportunities and friendships God has bestowed upon, and is ready to accept God’s next mission for her. Mother of Divine Grace will forever hold a special place in Faustina’s heart as the curriculum and community has led her closer to Christ. She is determined to lead others to Heaven as the teachers and friends in MODG have done to her.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” - William Shakespeare

Sydney Boor

Ora Pro Nobis Coordinator

Sydney Boor is from Dallas, Texas, and is the youngest of 6 children in her family. She’s been doing Scottish Highland dance since the age of 7, and is now an associate teacher! She enjoys crocheting, sewing, photography, journaling, word games, and, if it’s a Jane Austen book, reading. She likes to drink coffee, and on a rare cold day in Texas, a cup of tea. She hopes that, by the help of the Ora Pro Nobis Project, we may all grow our relationships with both God and our Mother Mary this year and that you all will be able to attend a meeting and pray along with herself and Faustina!

Caitlin Hess

Member of the Month Coordinator

Caitlin is a 17 year old senior from Patterson NY. She has been a student in MODG since third grade. Caitlin has many hobbies such as playing soccer, staying active in her local pro-life movement, crocheting, journaling, and reading. (Actually, reading is more of an obsession than a hobby) She is so incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to lead the Member of the Month GSP this year and to be able to work with the chapter’s amazing officers. She is also really looking forward to meeting all the new members in the NHS!